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Team Explore

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Upcoming Events


Upcoming Events

2023 - 2024 - Shoot Your Way Across Texas (SYWAT) Complete Schedule - Click here 

8/30 - 9/2 - 139th USA Archery Target Nationals and U.S. Open, Malvern, PA

9/10 - Texas Archery JOAD first indoor practice, Texas Archery, Spring, TX

9/22 - 9/24 - Texas Ringer, Texas Archery, Spring, TX

10/20 - 10/22 - First SYWAT of the Indoor Season, Texas Archery, Spring, TX

10/21 - BFAC Halloween Field Fun Shoot, Buffalo Field Archery Club, TX

10/28 - 10/29 - Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Archery Competition 

Latest Team News

YTD 2023, Texas Archery JOAD SPIDERx Team has 17 active youth archers and has earned 46 USA Archery JOAD Olympian Pins!

8/2023 - TFAA State Championships

900 Rounds 

Julia C. Freestyle - 1st Place

Micah X. Freestyle Limited Recurve - 1st Place

Logan S. Freestyle - 2nd Place

Coach Joe, Bow Hunter Freestyle, 2nd Place


Known 3D Animal

Logan S. Freestyle - 1st Place 

8/2023 - Texas Outdoor Target Series 

2023 TOTS Buckle Winners:  Julia C, Adam S, Aaron O, Andrew X, Micah X, Alexa E, Connor G, Coach Sabrina 

8/2023 - TSAA Outdoor  Target State Championships

What an amazing performance by our JOAD archers and coaches at the TSAA Outdoor Target State Championships this past weekend!!!

Our Team collectively took home 21 medals as well as setting 11 new state records! So proud of everyone!

Peyton S. U13 Compound - 1st Place (Broke 2 state records)

Amarie D. U13 Compound - 3rd Place

Micah X. U13 Recurve - 1st Place

Nethaniel M. U13 Recurve - 3rd Place

Ellie B. U13 Recurve - 2nd Place

Rebekah M. U13 Barebow - 2nd Place

Jacquilyn F. U15 Barebow - 2nd Place

Abby G. U15 Barebow - 3rd Place

Crash D. U15 Compound - 1st Place (Broke 3 state records)

Andrew X. U15 Compound - 2nd Place

Keegan G. U15 Compound - 3rd Place

Alexa E. U15 Compound - 1st Place

Lily F. U15 Compound - 3rd Place

Rigo M. U18 Compound - 1st Place

Adam S. U18 Compound - 3rd Place

Julia C. U18 Compound - 1st Place (Broke 3 state records)

Madison W. U18 Compound - 2nd Place

Ryan B. U21 Compound - 1st Place (Broke 3 state records)

Aaron O. U21 Compound - 2nd Place

Coach Koko, Recurve - 3rd Place

Coach Sabrina, Barebow - 1st Place

7/20232023 USA Target Nationals

Texas Archery JOAD brought home a lot of bling! 12 total National Medals!! 

Connor G - Silver and Bronze Compound U13

Keegan G - Silver and Bronze Compound U15

Ryan B. – Silver, Compound U21

Aaron O. – Silver, Compound U21

Rigo M. – Silver, Compound U18

Julia C. – Bronze, Compound U18

Chase M. - Gold, Compound U15

Andrew X. – Bronze, Compound U15

Ellie B. – Gold, Recurve U13

Micah X. – Bronze, Recurve U13

6/2023 - TFAA Outdoor Championships

Top 3 finishes

 - Adam S. - 3rd, Young Adult, Freestyle

 - Cayden C. - 1st , Young Adult, Bow Hunter Freestyle 

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