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Archery Games

Lord of the Rings

  • Each archer starts with 3 arrows.  ​

  • Start with shooting White or better.  If an arrows misses outside of the white, then you lose that arrow.  For example:  2 arrows hit white and one misses.  The next round you only get to shoot 2 arrows.

  • After each round the ring gets smaller.  (Black or better, Blue or better, Red or better, Yellow or better, 10 or better, and then X or better.  If there's a tie, it's a one arrow shoot off after that.


Black Jack​ (21)

  • Each archer can shoot up to 5 arrows.  Goal is to shoot closest to 21.  If you go over, you bust.

  • X = 1 or 11

  • All other numbers Equal normal FITA scoring

  • If you hit a line it takes highest number (you can change this around to make it easier or harder)  

  • If only one kid gets 21, then he gets 2 points.  If there is a tie all kids that tied gets 1 point.

  • First kid to get 5 or 7 points win

  • Side note:  You can make this a team game.  First team member shoots one arrow, then the next team member shoots the next arrow and once they have all shot one arrow, the can start over on shooters.


  • Print off dice - you pick size depending on skill

  • Print off a Yahtzee card

  • This works well as a team game.  Each team (or individual) shoots 5 arrows 

  • A miss always equals a 1 but can only be used to fill out your 1 section or chance section.  Misses cannot go toward any other area.

  • Score just like Yahtzee

Tic Tac Toe

  • Draw tic tac toe lines on the back of a target. 

  • Play just like tic tac toe.  Each shooter gets to shoot at the target as a X or O

Kill the Spider

  • This one works well as a team game too.  Each archer gets to shoot 2 arrows

  • Have to shoot lowest scoring ring first  and once you do that you move to the next ring.  First individual or team to progress through to the X kills the spider

  • To make this more challenging, no line breakers.  Meaning the arrow cannot be touching the line to progress to next level (Inside out).

Shoot off

  • At the end of practice.  Simple... 1 arrow shoot off 

  • Closest to the middle wins

Team Shoot off

  • Create teams of 2

  • Each team member shoots 2 arrows

  • Team that wins gets 2 points.  If there's a tie.  Then each team that tied gets 1 point

  • First team to 5 or 7 wins.  You have to win by 2

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