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Team SPIDERx is designed for Texas Archery Elite archers who have proven they can compete at the highest level.   There are requirements to be apart of this team and archers will be invited to join the team.  This is a competitive team and practices will be focused around that.  This team will consist of mostly JOAD Olympians and archers that are close to earning them.  

USA Archery has a program for earning advanced levels of recognition and  are identified as JOAD Olympians - Bronze, Silver and Gold.  These archers have shown a high-level of commitment and also have proven themselves with National and/or State Championships.

Numbers provided by USA Archery

  • ~6000 kids participate in USA Archery JOAD Program a Year

  • 200 - 300 (3%-5%) of these archers receive JOAD Bronze

  • 120-190 (2%-3%) of these archers receive JOAD Silver

  • 20-30 (.3%-.5%)-of these archers receive JOAD Gold

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Former Texas Archery JOAD Archers

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